Custom Crosshair Tutorial for UT2004 Patch 3204+

This article covers creating custom crosshair packs for Unreal Tourname 2004.
We will cover creating the crosshair in PaintShopPro7 all the way through compiling the code to be used by the game

Note: Crosshair packs made using this tutorial will crash a fresh install of UT2004. You need to have at least the 3204 Patch installed.

First off, it's time to get your base image started.
Select File, then New. When the New Image dialog box appears, set Width and Height to 64

Here is where you actually start making(gasp!) the crosshair
Depending on how you like to do things, you may end up using most or all of the drawing tools, but for now, it's just the Draw tool.
Below is what the blank 64x64 canvas should look like

Now, select the Draw tool(looks like a pencil) and choose White as your primary color. Draw a 2x2 square at the center of the canvas Note: The exact center will be at the coordinates of 31x31, 32x31, 31x32 and 32x32
Now select Black as your primary color and place a 2 pixel long line along each side of the white square
It should look like this when you're done

Now for the fun part, masking it so that 2k4 will know which areas to remove from the image
To do this, go to Masks then highlight New. A side menu should pop open, from here, select From Image.
Once the Add Mask dialog box appears, make sure This Window is shown in the Source window dropdown box and then select the Source Opacity option.

Hit Ok and you'll be punted back to your image.
But what is this? Nothing looks any different? Well then, you have to enable the Mask view.
Go back to Masks then select View Mask. You will now see a red layer where the mask should be.

You're far from finished, so just hang in there.
Next is to save the mask so that the image retains it and 2k4 finds it.
Go back to Masks and this time, choose Save to Alpha. The Save to Alpha dialog box should appear. Press Ok and a second box will appear saying New Channel.
You can put any kind of name in this field, but for now, we will put AnyNameHere in it. Press OK.

Now that you have created your image and saved your mask, it's time to save the file itself.
Click File then Save As. The Save As dialog box will appear where you choose the FileName, File Type and which folder to save to.
Choose the folder to save it to(for this tutorial, we will use a folder named AnyFolder), and a name for it(In this case, simply ImageName)
You will also have to choose a filetype. It is highly recommended to use the TrueVision Targe type(*.tga). This format allows for using Masks and full multi-color(including black).

After pressing Save, PSP7 might pop up a new dialog box with comments about merged images and saving only one mask. There shouldn't be any problems, so simply press Yes

Note: PSP7 sometimes has trouble properly creating Masks, which may result in a white outline around any black areas of your crosshair while ingame.
I recommend re-opening it and "over-coloring" the black areas.
This means the "empty space" or "masked space" that you will not be using for your crosshair should be colored black or to match any non-white color(if blue, make the empty space blue. If red, red. Etc, etc)

To put it as simply as I can muster: If there's nothing there, paint it black.

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