1) When subtracting a brush, what must you do before testing your level?

 Select the new subtraction.
 Rebuild geometry.
 Make sure there's a ZoneInfo in the zone.
 Save the map.

2) On a terrain, what causes this?

 The TerrainScale is not the same as the layer's texture scale.
 The layer does not have an alpha texture assigned.
 The layer's alpha texture is not the same size as the terrain's heightmap.
 The TerrainSectorSize is not the same as the terrain's heightmap.

3) What does an actor's CullDistance property do?

 If you are farther than this distance, the actor doesn't render.
 Actors within this distance will take damage when this actor is destroyed.
 The actor is triggered when a player gets within this distance.
 This actor triggers other actors that get within this distance.

4) What is the maximum number of zones a map in UT2004 can support?


5) What is this button?  

 The rebuild geometry button.
 The bsp arch tool.
 The static mesh browser.
 The prefab browser.

6) In a Matinee's SubActionOrientation, what is the EaseInTime?

 The amount of time it will take for the camera to reach the next InterpolationPoint.
 After this time, the camera will slow down before reaching the next InterpolationPoint.
 The amount of time it takes for the camera to fade in/out.
 The amount of time it takes for the camera to look at the specified actor.

7) In order for a static mesh polygon to be rendered two sided, what must be done?

 The texture must have bTwoSided set to True in it's properties.
 The polygons must be set to two sided before exporting from the 3D program.
 The texture must be put into a FinalBlend or Shader which is set to two sided.
 Nothing, static mesh polygons are two sided by default.

8) For Assault map Hold Objectives, what must the associated mover's InitialState be set to?


9) In Onslaught maps, how do you assign PlayerStarts to Power Cores and Power Nodes?

 By setting the TeamNumber of the PlayerStart the same as the core or node.
 By placing a Volume around the core/node and the PlayerStarts.
 They are set with the Link Designer in-game then exported to the editor.
 They automatically assign themselves to the closest core or node.

10) For Projectors, what does the bLevelStatic property do?

 Toggles projecting onto Static Meshes.
 Destroys the Projector when the level starts so it stays as a static projection.
 Toggles the Projector on and off.
 This is an internal variable that can't be accessed by the level designer.