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Make Something Unreal Contest Winner

1st Place, Phase 2
Best Game Mod

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"We’re always impressed by something that we haven’t seen done before with the Unreal engine"
 - Steve Polge on the rewind feature in Prometheus


A Single-Player-Coop Puzzle mod for Unreal Tournament 3. Work with your past and future selves to complete your objective.

I am the project lead, programmer, lead designer, and level designer for the project.

Prometheus features a gameplay mechanic unique for a first person shooter: The ability to rewind the game and spawn a new version of yourself, with your old selves performing the same actions you did the first time around. In Prometheus you work with up to 5 of yourself to solve puzzles and get through the levels. The player must learn to cooperate with their past selves as well as anticipate what their future selves are going to need to do.

Version 3:

- Nine levels including two tutorials.
- Ten awards to be earned for your accomplishments.
- Custom art assets.
- Dynamic music system that builds up with each quantum state.
- Captivating storyline complete with voiceover work and seamless cutscenes.
- Epimetheus menu with active previews of what each quantum state has done before.