My Work
DJ Rachel C



April 2012 - Present

Senior Software Developer

FBI Crime Scene Training Simulator

UnrealScript programming including gameplay, UI and AI.

UDK Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner's Guide

I wrote a beginner's guide to UnrealScript. The book builds on your knowledge of the language through the creation and expansion of a top-down style shooter. It covers the commonly used UnrealScript classes like the GameInfo, PlayerController and Pawn, and has you work through examples like changing the way the camera works, building custom enemy classes with different behavior, and creating your own Kismet actions and events.

January 2010 - January 2012

Unrealscript Programmer

Intellidrive Simulation Project

Unrealscript programmer on the Intellidrive project for the Michigan Department of Transportation. Responsible for programming support for a triple monitor setup, vehicle AI and simulation gameplay.

San Francisco Bay Bridge Explorer

Unrealscript programmer on the Bay Bridge Explorer app for the iPad. Responsible for gameplay, touch control and vehicle programming.

April 2009 - June 2009

Senior Level Designer

Unannounced Console Title

Responsible for overseeing level design and level scripting on an unannounced console title.

January 2007 - March 2009


Godzilla: Unleashed

Responsible for gameplay and level design on Godzilla: Unleashed.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Responsible for game design and level design on the Night at the Museum game.

October 2007 - January 2008

Level Designer

Marine Sharpshooter 4

Contracted as a level designer. Responsible for level design and environment art on three levels.

February 2006 - January 2007

UnrealScript Programmer
Level Designer

Highrise Evacuation Learning Platform

Contracting with the Project Director of the Interactive Arts and Media of Columbia College, Chicago for Unrealscript and level design work with the Unreal Engine Runtime. Responsible for gameplay programming, HUD, and AI scripting as well as initial level design.

July 2006 - August 2006

UnrealScript Programmer
Level Designer

Unreal Engine Game Prototype

Contracted to prototype game concepts with the Unreal engine. Responsible for UnrealScript programming and level design for the projects.

March 2005 - December 2005

Level Designer

Epic Mega Pack

Epic purchased my in progress map AS-SubRosa and I was contracted to complete it and make required changes per their internal testing.

August 2005 - October 2005

Level Designer

Level Design Contracting

Contracted with Lucky Chicken for an Unreal Engine title. Responsible for creating world assets using 3D Studio Max and for creating the worlds in UnrealEd.

July 2005 - September 2005

Level Designer

Paramedic Simulator

Contracted by CSRIC to create a simulator for the Toronto Fire Service using the Unreal Engine Runtime. The simulator is used to recertify paramedics and firefighters on the use of the defibrillator. Responsible for programming the project using UnrealScript.

May 2005

UnrealScript Programmer

InMotion Simulator Plugin

I was contracted by InMotion Simulation to program an UnrealScript plugin for Unreal Tournament 2004 to make it compatible with InMotion's motion simulators.

November 2004 - May 2005

UnrealScript Programmer

Safety Games

My responsibilities were programming the gameplay including all menus, the HUD, and objects and characters within the world and their behavior. I was also responsible for creating 3D objects for the worlds.

June 2003 - November 2004

3D Artist

America's Army: Rise of a Soldier
(PS2 and XBox)

I was responsible for reducing levels to fit within PS2 and XBox memory limits and coordinating with the designers to maintain gameplay. I was also assigned to reduce static mesh objects and textures to fit within limits.